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    Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
    [ healingsunshine ]
    I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that the new Animal Crossing will autosave the game for you. I mean, generally speaking? I exit out of it without saving for a reason. Like I accidently dug up one of my patterned tree stumps. Now Nintendo wants me to live with the concequences of my actions? Where's the escape in that?

    I will be glad to a new game, though. I've been debating selling my town and starting new or just buying a new copy so I can have a fresh experience again, so if I just hold on a few more months, I won't have to worry about it.
    [ immortalmagnus ]
    [Texts to Alec Lightwood-Bane]
    [Sent earlier today]

    >> Alexander, how would you like to attend a post Oscars party next Sunday night?
    >> I have a friend who is in charge of one and he just texted me and asked if I'd be interested in going.
    >> And of course I can't go without you.
    >> So, what do you say?
    >> Wanna rub elbows with some stars?
    [ highqueen_bambi ]
    I will be so fucking happy when The Oscars are over because then awards season is over for another year. This last month has been so busy for us with so many awards shows. It's almost to the point where if I see another Vera Wang or Louis Vuitton, I might scream. I've been so busy that Roman and I haven't had any time to properly celebrate our engagement, but you can bet your ass we're going to plan something soon.

    Also, who told Priyanka Chopra to wear that dress at the Grammys? It gave her fucking pancake tits. I have nothing against women deciding not to wear bras, but that just looked awful.
    [ curiousalice ]
    Oh hell no. You do not come to me 15 minutes before my shift ends and ask me to stay until close. Especially not when I already came in on my day off to open because you were going to be short. It is not my problem that you scheduled a known flake to close the dining room without having a backup lined up just in case she didn’t show up like always. You have managers. Tell them to quit watching youtube and pornhub on their phones and either call her to come do her damn job or go wait the tables themselves.
    [ leonineserpant ]
    Is there a reason that legos are shaped like they are? I know they need to be able to lock together, but I feel there should be a way of doing that without it being so sharp. On that note, why are there always spare legos around, no matter how well you thought you cleaned up? My current theory is they're multiplying.
    [ agentleman ]
    Text to Klaus
    >> Niklaus, might you be free for me to stop by Soleil et Lune Saturday morning?
    >> I’m looking for a present.
    Monday, January 27th, 2020
    [ damnrichpeople ]
    Who puts an entire livingroom set in front of a dumpster? No one in our complex has even moved in or out recently and I don't know where this came from. Either someone nearby thinks they can use our dumpster again or someone has bedbugs... really hoping it isn't the second one. Either way, how is anyone supposed to get to the garbage right now?
    [ badmortal ]
    It was weird travelling just me and Dad for his show a couple months. It was nice getting one on one time camping out and exploring with him but I missed Mom. And I think Dad did too since when I got home from school today he was going through the pantry for anything bean related to donate to the food pantry and homeless shelters.
    [ sjimenez ]
    Who: Liz Ortecho & Max Evans
    When: Backdated: Mid December, just before Christmas
    Where: The magical Christmas Village
    What: Running into each other at the Christmas Village + Hot Chocolate and a little mistletoe.
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    To say that this Holiday season had been a strange one for Liz was an understatement )
    [ sailor_v ]
    I've been so busy between school, practice, and work that I haven't even had time to post here about my mother's reaction when I got the part.

    Mom thinks she has a sense of humor. I mean, okay. She does, but it's a weird one. Knowing how absolute horrified I've been about the movie version of Cats since the trailers first hit, she decided to tell me that to celebrate? She was going to get us all tickets. The woman told me this with a straight face, waiting until the look of horror and shock washed over me before she finally gave up and started cracking up.

    Thank the gods that it's already out of theaters, because I think she would have actually spent money on this joke otherwise.
    [ frelsi ]
    When the state of the world is a mess that impacts your job and it just so happens to also be National Chocolate Cake Day, so all the stress baking comes out...

    Cut for space, visible to all )

    And this was after only two hours, and there are still plenty of more hours in the day to go along with the hits that just keep coming. Something tells me it will be gone before the end of the day at this rate.
    [ ofevilsfire ]
    You know, I don't buy into the whole Orange County/the Dreams are sentient thing....but dreaming about the Siege of Leningrad on the 76th anniversary of said siege ending? Go Orange County timing. Or something.
    [ notshutoff ]
    Nothing like a sharp reminder that the holiday season is well and truly over. Back to work today, I'm tired as hell because I didn't sleep well. I've seen people talking on here about dreams, but I'm guessing - correct me if I'm wrong - that they're something different to the every-day, run of the mill nightmares?
    [ zireaelofcintra ]
    Dream me is a fucking idiot. Ran away from a party, ended up in a forest where all my guards got cut down with arrows and then I ran away again into some mists? Not knowing what’s there?

    God, it’s a wonder I haven’t been killed yet.

    Also, I’ve never really seen anyone die before. It’s horrible.
    [ brainoverbrawn ]
    To: Alex
    From: Kyle
    Date: 27th Jan

    You have (4) unread text message(s) )
    [ locked_heart ]
    Someone tried to mug me on the way home tonight.

    Hopefully the hospital will be able to turn him outside in again.
    [ friendscallme ]
    Who: Jesus Rovia & Jace Herondale
    When: Backdated: Early November
    Where: Wayne Gym
    What: Jace offers to help Jesus spar and things take an interesting turn
    Rating/Warnings: PG-13 then FTB at the end
    Status: Complete

    Sizing up the hanging sandbag, Jesus took a few steps back before moving towards it again and going for his first attempt at the kick )
    Sunday, January 26th, 2020
    [ immortalmagnus ]
    Who: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood
    When: Backdated: New Year's Eve
    Where: Pandemonium
    What: Celebrating New Year's Eve
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    New Years Eve was an extremely busy night for night clubs and Pandemonium was no exception )
    [ suburbiaphobic ]
    Who: Eliot Waugh & Felix Dawkins
    When: Backdated: New Years Eve
    Where: A Party
    What: Celebrating New Year's Eve
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    One of the perks of being a party planner was that Felix tended to get invited to some of the parties that they planned )
    [ lastof_krypton ]
    So today I did the most cliche superhero thing there is. I saved a cat from a tree. I always thought that was like something made up for comic books and things and that cats could get out of trees on their own, but apparently that's not always the case. I was out and heard a kid crying cause the cat wouldn't come down so obviously it was Supergirl to the rescue!
    [ quite_vexing ]
    Ever have a night where you just can't walk the next morning?
    [ shadowcat ]
    txt to Diana
    >> There's a place I want to show you
    >> If you don't mind.
    >> It'll just be me, you, and the kids.
    [ c_danvers ]
    Ugh, woke up with a massive headache and some bruises this morning thanks to my dreams. Dream!Me decided to have a swim race with the asshole new kid and I smacked my head on the end of the lane when we finished.

    From there it looks like I've convinced Pogue that he's a sketchy dude and we went to investigate on him at school - turns out he's one of us, but his family was exiled back in the day. Also, cue a fun scene of us floating in the air over a security guard and stopping a bunch of papers mid-air with our Powers.

    We also have a massive secret cave library with a giant circle full of fire for meetings. Would be kind of awesome if that showed up here, but thankfully we had a meeting with all of us so I could tell everyone what I learned. And of course Chase decided to ramp up the shenanigans - he put Sarah under a spell, used a spell to look like me, and glamoured a image of Sarah to lure me into the room. And like any typical big bad guy he told me all about his plan and I got the crap beat out of me because he has more power than I do. And now we're going to have a big show down - this'll be great...
    [ filiampandora ]
    I think I actually might have killed some brain cells with the research for my paper. The professor assigned us all a case that we were supposed to research the criminal justice aspects of and if the party was acquitted we were supposed to research what they have been doing with their lives since the trial. And no, I was not given OJ Simpson although he does come up in mine. I got Casey Anthony who got charged with murdering her daughter Caylee. The entire thing was insane with what happened before she was brought to trial, but where I really got sucked down the rabbit hole was with what happened after her acquittal. For people who don’t know the story I’ll try and give a brief rundown of what went down - before they realized Caylee was dead her mom claimed that she was with the nanny so the police spent a lot of time tracking down the woman only to find out when they did that she wasn’t the nanny. In fact she’d never even met Casey Anthony or anybody else in the family so they start treating this like a kidnapping case with a stranger as the culprit.

    Which is how an organization that runs searches for missing children gets involved with their resources and coordinating massive land, sea, and air searches and the FBI is involved too but they can’t find this little girl. Not until one of the searchers finds a shallow grave behind the Anthony home and when they dig it up they find Caylee’s body and from there we get to the trial and everything getting even nuttier and brain cell killing levels of weird to me. After Casey gets acquitted she kind of disappears from the public eye for a while. Well, until she somehow hooks up with OJ Simpson - which I could not find any info on how they met - and they start talking with one of the cable channels about a reality show starring the two of them talking about life after being acquitted for murder.

    That hasn’t gone anywhere so now, according to Newsweek anyway, she’s working on a movie titled “As I Was Told” which she promises will have ‘both legal and erotic content’ which...okay then. There were civil suits filed against her one by the alleged nanny because of all the hell this entire thing made of her life. And the other by the organization in an attempt to recoup some of the money spent on the search when she knew her daughter wasn’t missing.

    I’m pretty sure I put a lot more information into my paper than the professor was looking for but he didn’t give us a maximum page number for the assignment. And I just couldn’t see leaving any of it out.
    [ hiddenintellect ]
    Who: Gareth Visser & Billy Kaplan
    What: Grizz gives into the impulse to kiss Billy after his less than wonderful dream
    When: After this post
    Rating/Warnings: Low | None
    Status: Log | Complete

    Now Grizz was starting to wonder if maybe he’d just screwed everything up )
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